Podlines Podcasting Incubator

Podcast Production Management Session

with Mazen RABAA

Private session in podcast production management with Mazen RABAA (the expert of project management and podcast production).

Voice-over private


with Khader MALKAWI

Private podcasting session with the voice-over expert Khader MALKAWI (an announcer and voice-over) to improve your skills in voice-over.

Podcasting growth private session

with Anas KRIZ

Private podcasting session with the podcast monetization expert Anas KRIZ in the growth and continuity of podcast.

Sound engineering & home studio

with Rukhaa ALHARASH

Private podcasting session with the expert Rukhaa ALHARASH in how to make a home studio - ask me in sound engineering for podcasts.

Sound engineering private session

with Bahira SAHLOUL

Private consultancy session in audio engineering (recording - editing - mixing) with the expert Bahira SAHLOUL 

Sound engineering & music session

with Maher ALKARAK

Private podcasting session for everything related to music, audio engineering and audio effects with the expert Maher ALKARAK

Script writing private session

with Amer RAHMA
Private podcasting session for script and creative writing with the expert Amer RAHMA

Voice-over private session

with Dana SAKBANI

Private podcasting session for declamation with the voice-over expert Dana Sakbani (presenter and voice-over)

Podcast Planning session

with Ibrahim HAWARI

Private podcasting session with the strategic planning expert to know about podcasting planning to publish, influence and win.